Visitor ID

In most cases, visitors to a commercial website are anonymous. Google Analytics are good but Google isn’t telling you the detailed specifics of who is visiting your site. We think this info is kind of important. Visitor ID allows a website to identify who is visiting—even if they skip the slick and easy sign up forms.


Why is Visitor ID important?

Visitor ID gives you, and us your marketing team, powerful information—what pages people are visiting, how long they are spending on each page, and what company they work for.

Have a high traffic website? We can take Visitor ID to a new level, normally reserved for Fortune 500s. With access to 502 million individual digital identities, 279 million opt-in email addresses, and 228 million social media handles, you will have closeup and in-depth info on your website traffic and, with this info, we can directly market like never before.

How do we use this to benefit you?

Who doesn’t want to know the info about every visitor to their site? Am I right?

Headline: Marketing genius at Design the Planet swears under oath that they are NOT using an illegal tracking algorithm to bring their clients business.

Every year, you are paying thousands of dollars to get people to your glorious and targeted website. What is the first thing someone does when they hear about your company for the first time? Or, when they see your company sign or one of your fleet vehicles or billboard or google ad? Yea, they visit your site. And we have ways to identify the companies or the individuals or both.

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