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How Does Website Maintenance Contribute to Better SEO?

What’s the Importance of Website Maintenance? If you own a car, a computer or home appliances, you probably know the importance of on-going professional maintenance to keep these necessary tools operating at their best. Maintenance is crucial for the health, performance and functionality of websites too. It’s also vital to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). […]

Twitter Rebrand to "X"


Why Did Elon Musk Change Twitter to X?

“Bye Bye Birdie” – The Rebrand of Twitter to “X” Twitter has been a major social media platform for decades; Why did Elon Musk change everything we know about the iconic Twitter bird? In the realm of technology, few figures have captivated the world’s imagination as much as Elon Musk. The visionary entrepreneur and CEO […]



Why is the US Trying to Ban TikTok?

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm since its reinvention in 2017. It is reported that over 67% of teens/young adults in the US, and a whopping 150 million users nationwide actively use TikTok. What’s the reason the app has become so popular? TikTok offers a variety of content for virtually every audience […]



What Makes a Successful Logo?

If you’re reading this, you already know how important logos and identities are to businesses. Logos often become a valuable asset that hold significant intrinsic value to its brand community and to potential buyers of the business.  To get a fundamental idea of what a successful logo must consist of to be successful, here’s a […]

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How To Create A Captivating Retail Video

So… You want to make a captivating marketing video for your business? The power of video marketing can’t be denied. Not all videos are easy to produce. Design the Planet created and produced two video spots to advertise Lakeside Shopping Center Holiday events. Using these as examples, I’ll show you how we utilize the power […]

Are Hashtags relevant for New Orleans Businesses


Are hashtags still relevant in 2022?

Are hashtags still relevant today for social media usage? In short, yes. But its usage is not the same as it was originally intended. What was once a hyperlinked tag used to categorize posts for easier discovery is now additionally used by social media algorithms to rank posts and show them to users who would […]