Social Media Campaigns: The Future

  At this point in 2018, social media campaigns are everywhere. They have become a prevalent and hugely influential avenue of organizations to further their brand, and grow their consumer base. Successful brands are now staying on top of modern marketing trends in order to remain relevant and interesting to...
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Top 10 Things To Do for Digital Marketing Success in 2018

If you aren’t quite sure where to start with digital marketing, Design the Planet has compiled a list of the Top 10 Things To Do for Marketing Success.

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The Importance of Clarifying Your Message

The brains of human beings are fighting a war against an enemy that is both invisible and inherently unbeatable. This enemy? Information. Tons of it. Every day as you check your Facebook, Google search, walk down the street ingesting billboards, and scroll through your news feeds, you are being bombarded...
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The “Post-Cool” Dilemma

Simplicity, authenticity, naturalness and earnestness… How can small B2B organizations thrive in a culture that favors mass-production? Have you heard about the “post-cool” movement? It’s been around for a while, but you wouldn’t know it because mega-corps have been buying it up almost as quickly as companies can come online...
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In SALES: Timing is Money!

By integrating an automated sales and marketing management system into your online, mobile, and personal selling efforts, you can improve your chances of getting the sale right the first time!

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Why You Should Attend Our Lunch & Learn…

So why have a Trade Show and Event Lunch and Learn? The simple truth is that companies like yours need desperately to improve your presence at trade shows and events. And, you need it now for a show in early 2018. You all know me as a marketing expert and...
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Think you need an extra body? Nah. You just need to AMP things up.

You need to AMP things up. AMP is the Automated Marketing Platform from Design the Planet. While there are some things people can do better than machines, the opposite is true as well. Invest in AMP and free your team to focus on the bigger picture. AMP mechanizes routine processes...
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Do you know about Drone Rules & Regulations?

As a business owner I, like you, am enthused by the new capabilities drones provide. We can take our images to a “new level” and the expense of aerial photography, in many ways, has become affordable. Aerial pictures, videos, and landscape shots all from one brilliant machine that we can...
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Content Marketing


Importance of Content Marketing

If you’ve been following the changes taking place in B2B (business-to-business) marketing, then you’ve been reading and hearing all about how online content is king. All this hub-bub should have you very concerned about who’s handling your online marketing efforts such as writing content for your website (which now needs...
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Top 11 Things Inspiring Us In Paris

After spending 7 days in Paris, seeking inspiration, we have created a top 11 list to share what inspired us most:   11. The use of old and new elements used together in unexpected ways.   10. Designing FOR a specific space – and how to make it work to...
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