Visitor tracking analytics reveal information about the people visiting a website, and user data that isnt easily available in other analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics. Tracking visitors not only identifies their activities but also many characteristics of the visitors to your website.

visitor tracking visitor tracking

Why is Visitor Tracking important?

A primary concern when designing and improving a website is in analyzing the data about the traffic. Visitor tracking creates new opportunities and leads by analyzing the website traffic and providing company names of visitors who interact with a website, including contact information for key people at the company. This data enable sales and marketing teams to build accurate profiles of customers, data that allow businesses to pass on such details to relevant departments and sales representatives. Understanding detailed analytics about your user traffic allows for better search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

How do we use it to benefit you?

Visitor tracking has multiple layers of benefits for sales, marketing and more. For your sales team, it is important to know what pages people are visiting when they are on the site, and where they go. If they can follow a prospect through the website and see the pages where they spent extra time, the sales person knows what questions to ask. For us, your marketing team, tracking your visitors can tell us a whole lot more about what is trending. It may also tell us what parts of the site need more attention and improvement. Visitor tracking even tells us when people have read your emails and then visited your website.

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