First impressions are everything. For many companies, a website is the first impression of the business. A negative impression from a website visit is hard to overcome. If a website isn’t up-to-date and functioning properly sales will drop by 50% or more. Worse, if an e-commerce function fails at the point of purchase, people can’t buy your products. Website maintenance Services normally consists of reviewing and updating the site. Updates can be made to content and images, or to the technology running the site. Additional maintenance and improvements can be made for SEO.

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

website maintenance

Timely and methodical website maintenance is a key factor in your online impression.Maintenance involves checking for problems, correcting problems, and providing software updates. Proper maintenance protects companies from cyber threats, allowing customers to feel safe and comfortable making purchases on the site.

Further, proper website maintenance is a good SEO strategy because persistent technical issues, security issues, and outdated website design and content all contribute to diminishing the search engine rankings.

What can happen if a website is not maintained?

website maintenanceDo you sell bootlegged Gucci handbags? We are guessing the answer is “NO.” We only ask because one of our website clients, from early 2010s, sold hand-crafted futons and never updated or maintained their website. As a result, someone had hacked the site. Unbeknownst to them, someone else was selling bootlegged Gucci handbags from their site. They found out because Gucci sent them a legal cease-and-desist letter. Some clever hacker had broken into the site and re-routed many pages to another e-commerce site. But we digress. Our maintenance packages include website backups in case you get hacked. Bad files are removed and the website is back up and running – sans Gucci.

How we help benefit you?

  • Many active businesses just don’t have the time or man-power or desire to maintain their website. It is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is best if you play to your strengths and leave the “other stuff” to the professionals.
  • For many of our website design clients we perform all website maintenance services.
  • A website that sits idle too long can start to lose its Google/SEO ranking and so we counter that by making front-end and back-end updates
  • Even the best website needs to evolve and change over time.
  • Our website maintenance packages include: hosting, wordpress plugin updates, SEO and content updates
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