WooCommerce Design the Planet

WooCommerce is a popular open-source e-commerce shopping cart plugin specifically for WordPress. It is designed for medium to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. The plugin offers e-commerce options for setting up a store: products, options, credit card processing, tax calculations, shipping, memberships, options to print labels at home, and a whole lot more…. Oh my!

Why is WooCommerce important?

Completely custom e-commerce solutions are expensive to build and difficult to maintain. Don’t get us wrong, custom solutions and programming are sometimes your best options, depending on what you need. However, with WooCommerce, businesses can benefit from a robust but low-cost alternative to more expensive e-commerce options.

How do we use it to benefit you?

WooCommerce is the backbone of most of our e-commerce solutions. Some specific examples you can see here: River Road Coffees, TSS Solutions, Spicy Dark Cosmetics. We have a proven “happiness and success” record with WooCommerce for many clients. Thousands of transactions can’t be wrong. It also allows us to include features like recurring orders, coupons, social media sharing, and a whoooooole lot more.

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