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Jefferson Door“Back in 2008, we took the bold step of searching for a Design and Marketing Company for Jefferson Door.  While this may not have been considered a very bold move for other companies, it was for us.  At the time, our company was 49 years old.  Over those 49 years, we had never refreshed our logo nor our delivery truck design.  Our website was homemade and our literature consisted of hand-drawn tracings.  To say that we resisted change would be an understatement.  At this time in our history, however, we knew it was time to breathe new life into our brand.  These were post-Katrina days when new, lean, energetic start-ups were coming into the market as well as new contractors taking advantage of the building boom.  We needed a marketing and branding strategy that let people know that we weren’t a tired, old company, but instead a strong, vibrant company with staying power and history.  To execute this goal, we chose Design the Planet.

We chose Design the Planet by studying the portfolios of other design and marketing companies in the New Orleans Area.  Not only did their portfolio stand out in terms of aesthetics, but outside consultation revealed their coding to be the most sound and advanced among the group we studied.  Our first project with Design the Planet was a new website and logo redesign.  To do this Adrienne and her team visited our facility and met with us several times in order to truly understand our business and what needed to be achieved with our new site.  They also understood that we wanted to build on our history, not abandon it.  They used their creativity and outside perspective to create an attractive website and logo that accurately represented Jefferson Door and set the tone for where we wanted to take the company.

Since then Design the Planet has designed for us a new moulding brochure featuring three-dimensional drawings of our mouldings, marketing brochures and flyers, as well as print advertisements.  Our latest redesign has been on our delivery trucks, which now feature full body wraps displaying various products that we sell.  The positive feedback that we have received on our new truck design has been overwhelming.  Our trucks are truly rolling billboards for our company.

Design the Planet has encouraged us to think differently about what marketing is and how we should present ourselves. Doors and Molding and Custom Cabinets can be viewed as a commodity and we don’t want to become a commodity.  I’m the third generation of Van Dervorts to own and operate Jefferson Door and I want to be able to pass the business onto the next generation. To do that we have to grow the busienss, maintain solid vendor relationships, and have a solid brand.”

chris-van-dervort– Chris Van Dervort, Jefferson Door


Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant

“I want to take a moment to let you know what you and your team at Design the Planet have done for Lucy’s.  I cannot thank you and your team enough; however, I’m going to try.

You have helped with the Lucy’s marketing and website on-and-off for several years but THIS year your “help” blew my mind.

When I told you we needed to change the Lucy’s brand drastically you didn’t flinch, and when I told you we had to do it in a matter of days,  (and I thought my brain was going to explode with all that had to be done), your response was “let’s get this done!” And you did!

You and your team understand our brand and were able to re-imagine the logo and materials so that we could look different but still be recognizable as Lucy’s.  WOW!  Really, WOW!  Our new logo, menu’s and about a million other items look really “Lucy’s” and are more consistent than ever. (You know how I am about “consistent”)

I also want to thank you and your team for coming up with some very “out of the box” solutions to problems we had. Assembling your team and getting our Facebook postings consolidated, getting our Website Mobilized in a matter of days and working tirelessly to implement a Lucy’s “App” are just a small portion of the work you have put in.  I would not have had the same results with any other team and working with you has been beyond any expectation I could have imagined. ”

deborah-schumacher– Deborah Schumacher, Former General Manager, Lucy’s NOLA


Crescent Payroll Logo

“You knocked our identity and website “out of the ballpark”! I have received complements since day one when we started using our business cards and later with our website.

It is so much more than we expected. Your teams attention to detail on our logo was the first thing that surprised me. We thought we would probably end up with a cool text logo but your team worked to bring depth and detail to the “C” in our name that reinforces the Crescent idea. We are super proud to hand out our cards and we feel like the logo represents us very well.

As a business owner I really appreciated the time you and your team spent learning about our vision and plan for the company. You helped us solidify our offerings and define our markets – Thanks for your help! All of the work has turned into a website that is strong and generates business.

What I really appreciated is that you understood that our time was limited and made sure we weren’t in any unnecessary meetings or calls. And you followed up with us if we didn’t get back to you – helping us stay on our schedule.

Thanks again for the overwhelming support for any tweaks we also needed to make after the site was launched.

 Fantastic Job!”

sanders-offner– Sanders Offner, President, Crescent Payroll Solutions



Our startup (Your Nutrition Delivered) has been working with Adrienne and her team at Design the Planet for over a year now. The quality of work is outstanding. The team listens to client requests and suggestions, and delivers work on target and on time. I would highly recommend DTP.

katy-evans– Katy Evans, Your Nutrition Delivered


Bill Heroman's Logo“From our very first meeting, I was both impressed by and felt comfortable working with Adrienne and the team at Design the Planet. After numerous previous failed relationships with marketing firms, we were desperate for an expert and we found one in Adrienne. After they researched and understood our company and our goals for growth they worked through both a logo redesign and vehicle fleet graphics project. The team at DTP consistently impressed us with their creative talent, ability to create amazing design work, and brand expertise. Perhaps most importantly they patiently guided us through the entire process, coaching and teaching us on the nuances of design while being willing to work through adjustments in their creative ideas in order to fit our preferences, style and corporate culture. The end result has been a revitalized logo and vehicle design that we LOVE and customers NOTICE and REMEMBER!”

Ben Heroman– Ben Heroman, Billy Heromans – Flowers & Gifts – Plantscaping

Palm Tree Playground Logo

“Design the Planet took our hope of owning a small business with an awesome brand image from dream to reality! Our webpage is complimented for both its overall look to its ease of use daily. Their amazing programmers taught us how to update it ourselves so we are always in contact with our clients with to the minute information. They also designed the perfect logo for our business. We knew the feel we were looking for but were not sure how to achieve it. By reviewing our Pinterest board and reading our business plan they ensured that they captured the image we wanted and went above our expectations. Additionally, they worked within our budget which was incredibly important to us as a start up business. Design the Planet was truly a partner with us when starting Palm Tree Playground!”

heather-hays– Heather Hays, Palm Tree Playground


Central Dispatch

“I have been meaning to write this letter for a long time, but there are always things that can get in the way. But I feel strongly about conveying the satisfaction we have from working with your company. We have been very happy with the promptness, quality, originality, and professionalism that have been displayed while designing and maintaining our website. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.”

John Centanni– John Centanni, Jr, Executive Vice President, Central Dispatch Inc.


Jefferson Door

The new truck design looks amazing! It really catches your eye the road. We can’t thank y’all enough!”

colin-van-dervort– Colin Van Dervort, Jefferson Door



I am really proud of our website. Thanks to DTP for all your hard work and the tutorial we were provided!”

Cynthia Chauvin– Cynthia Chauvin, CASA Jefferson



“All of us at New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness send our deepest appreciation to Design the Planet for the phenomenal new look of the NOAHH website. Beautiful! Awesome! Fantastic! Smart!-these are just a few of the responses to the new design. Thanks to Design the Planet’s generosity of its expertise and resources, NOAAHH has an engaging website that is broadening our communications reach to the New Orleans community and beyond.”

– Sandra Cordray, Vice President, NOAAHH




“I am very happy with our new website. The team at Design the Planet understands our concept and continues to accurately convey this to the website. It is fun, creative and our customers can easily navigate through out.”

– Shelly Oechsner Waguespack, Vice President Administration, Pat O’Brien’s Bar



“Your work is impeccable and we highly recommend you to all of our associates. I cannot tell you how many people comment on the quality and beauty of our brochure. You all are truly a pleasure to work with. Your company really cares about its clients; and that is hard to find in today’s world. Your staff is passionate about the work they do and their excitement shows. I know that for all of my design needs, I will come to you. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I know that you will be a company that we will hear great things about for years to come. You have a client for life in me.”

– Tara Ermatinger, Leasing Director, Renaissance Town Center



“Thanks! Your designs were a hit at the [annual] meeting. They just looked fantastic! From the programs to the signage. You all are first class all the way and I appreciated the last minute help on the signage!”

– Brooke Monaco, Communications Director, Louisiana State Bar Association



“I wanted to thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful work they have been doing. I never thought in a million years that I would get the schedule, holiday campaign and newsletter all to the printer by their due dates. I really appreciate the extra effort that I know you all put into my projects to meet the insane deadlines I give you.”

– Shelly Koch, Marketing Coordinator, RiverBarge Excursions Lines



“The finished product is worth all the work that went into it. It looks absolutely fantastic! Your staff has done a great job and they were a real pleasure to work with. We will hardily recommend Design the Planet to anyone who inquires about your company!”

– Paul Erdman, Associate Director of Business & Finance, Urban Impact Ministries



“Just got off phone with a New York City CPA!! She was reviewing [and] asking about licensing as her firm will be applying for a firm permit. In the course of the call, she said, ‘I was reading on your website, which is lovely by the way, …’ I said, we know, it was conceived by Design the Planet.”

– Michael HendersonState Board of Certified Public Accountants of Louisiana


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