Whether you are a healthcare professional or a restaurant owner, social media is a necessity for your business. Today, marketing and keeping clients engaged virtually requires every business to use social media. Doing so allows your business to connect with your target audience one-to-one with no filter.

Are your frustrated by social media? You are not alone.

What do these platforms bring to the business table that makes them worthwhile?

A special connection that offers potential customers a window into your brand and the chance to connect with you directly. Having an active social media presence allows you to share details on your company’s team, your passion, your dreams, your focus, and on what you think is distinctive about your product or services. Each platform can benefit your company in different ways. If you are ready to take your social media from “good” to “GREAT”, our social media management team is ready to assist.


Facebook logo  Are you frustrated with Facebook ?

We love to help our clients by taking the burden of day-to-day posting on Facebook off their shoulders. We can help you keep your organizations Facebook audience engaged and excited about your products and services.

Like most social platforms, Facebook — the world’s largest social network outlet — offers paid advertising content. As such, promoting your company via Facebook advertising offers unlimited ways to connect with an enormous target audience. And with micro-targeting features, our team will tailor messages to reach your specific target audience.


Instagram Logo  Will Instagram to help grow your business?

Everyone has Instagram. Ok… Almost everyone. (Maybe one guy in Saskatchewan doesn’t, but we digress.) There is a solid chance that your customers are using Instagram and checking their feeds multiple times a day.

Our mission is to ensure that when they scroll, they see and enjoy engaging and informative content from your company. Well, from us…as we are busy behind the scenes creating compelling content that helps you foster a deep connection with your audience/customers. We build powerful share-worthy, heart worthy, comment worthy images and content.


LinkedIn Logo  How can LinkedIn benefit your bottom line?

One word: “Targeting”. We embrace LinkedIn as a social media platform for our clients who are in the Business to Business space. The team at Design The Planet makes use of LinkedIn’s powerful filtering capabilities—from job titles to current location and where you went to college. Then we use this data “goldmine” to connect with and engage your target market.

You can focus on the core of your business while we manage weekly postings and comment on your behalf. Through targeting and ad placement, we help your business expand into new areas that cannot be reached through organic connections.


Twitter Logo  Is Twitter still a social media?

Believe it or not some companies use Twitter for customer service. For marketing purposes, Twitter is most useful in “driving” audiences to potentially interesting content on other platforms, like Facebook, web sites, blogs, etc. A “tweet” might start as a text message, but its fundamental purpose is to link to another online platform.

Twitter trends are constantly evolving, and it can be quite a task for a business to stay ahead of the game. Design The Planet keeps your company on the forefront of trends, acting as your Twitter voice, identifying ways to capitalize on trends, and generating organic and ad-based results from your account.


Tiktok Logo   And what about TikTok?

TikTok is genuinely entertaining and sometimes educational. Because it continues to evolve, TikTok’s full business-related benefits are yet to be determined. However, the upside is that because it is a new platform, TikTok is an ideal venue for someone who seeks to become an influencer. Companies will likely find it easier to “break-in” to the influencer realm on TikTok than on an established social channel that already has thousands of “influencers.”


The team at Design The Planet revels in helping clients grow using the right amount of social media management. What is the right amount? It varies from company to company, so we offer different tiers of services to cater to your brand’s specific needs, aspirations, and budget. Not sure what you need? Give us a call and we will work with you and your team to create a plan for a strong, effective social media presence.

Your hard work and brand deserve to stand out on social media. And you deserve effective and efficient social media that isn’t eating away at your time (or getting ignored completely). Whether you need help launching your social media channels or are ready for growth and engagement, we can make that happen!


Ways we assist clients with social media management:


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