Many search engines rely on income from “paid search” keywords, or adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, etc., advertisers can identify and pay for ad placement in the search engine’s search results.

To decide which ad appears as a result of a keyword search query, an “ad auction” process takes place. Advertisers identify adwords (keyword search terms) specific to each search engine, then “bid” on them. The bid says how much they are willing to pay to have their ad placed in a users keyword search results.

Bing adwords Microsoft Google Adwords Yahoo Adwords Gemini

Why are Adwords Important?

Once they “buy” specific adwords, advertisers’ text or image ad will appear on the search results page. Search engines monetize their product (search results) making this a mutually beneficial online business relationship. Companies advertise their products and services to targeted local, national and international customers.

AdWords allow companies to reach an immense audience. The trillions of web searches each year offers huge potential for advertisers to reach new customers by placing their ads directly in the search query results.

How Do We Use Them to Benefit You?

At Design the Planet, we have experience in AdWord campaigns of all shapes and sizes, text-based and image-based. We have refined our keyword identification and bidding practices over years of successful Search Engine Marketing work. Our multi-tooled approach to marketing is beneficial when building these campaigns. Our brand auditing, data analysis and content development skills all come into play when crafting your perfect search engine ad.

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