Marketing sprints differ from traditional marketing plans: they are short-term plans to carefully targeted outcomes. They are sometimes referred to as “agile sprint plans.” Sprints last a relatively short period, often one to four weeks, with two or three weeks being the most common. Each sprint represents a modest block of time to produce meaningful, highly specified deliverables. Online marketing plans are an especially valid use of this tool because of constantly changing online shopping trends.

Why are Marketing Sprint important?

In our fast moving world, a company may need to be more agile by accelerating the tempo at which marketing operates if they are to keep up. Sprints are often part of larger projects, the idea being that a continuous sequence of many sprints, one after another, would make incremental progress toward a larger goal. An added benefit is being able to make adjustments along the way. This benefit can provide for maximize creativity and innovation in marketing campaigns.

How do we use Marketing Sprints to benefit you?

At Design the Planet, we begin all projects with an agile mindset. Your brand has goals large and small, distant and immediate. In the ever-changing and rapidly evolving marketing place, your brand needs to be able set long-term lofty marketing goals while also being able to capitalize on opportunities that arise. Our marketing sprints can be organized and dispatched to target these opportunities specifically, and our breadth of knowledge and large arsenal of digital marketing tools allows us to plan and execute marketing sprints flawlessly.

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