Visitor Planning

A website design should carefully plan the initial arrival of users and their interaction with the user interface, a.k.a. Visitor Planning. First-time visitors can be very impatient and quick to judge. A site generally has a small window of a few seconds to convince visitors that a product or service meets their needs, so planning for visitors is key to keeping them on the site long enough to catch their interest.

Why is Visitor Planning important?

Yes, this is connected to UX/UI. Identifying the types of visitors to expect provides insight into what the people are looking for and how they will use the website. How do visitors get there (webpage links, ads,) where do they live (local, regional, national or international,) and what do they need/want (products, services, information,) are major factors in determining how to plan for their visit.

How do we use it to benefit you?

We will do your Visitor Planning very early in the process of website development. That allows us to plan and scheme on what content we need to deliver and how best to deliver it for your “visitor”. There isn’t a template or crystal ball involved, although some industries are easier than others. Visitor planning is crucial for companies who have complex offerings as well as for companies who are very niche-niche. Visitor planning done well means the right people stay on the site while others leave.

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