Brand Audit Design the Planet

A brand audit is an evaluation of a company’s brand position in the marketplace. The audit typically looks at three areas: internal branding (company values, mission, and culture,) external branding (logo, advertising materials, website, social media presence, etc.,) and customer experience.

Why is a Brand Audit important?

In an ever changing world, and especially given the latest trends and fads in marketing/branding, abusiness needs to keep up and stay relevant. A brand audit helps a company look at its image and audience from every angle and where it sits relative to the competition. By identifying their strengths and weaknesses in the current marketplace, a company can create new opportunities for improvement. The company can also determine how to sharpen its image so it can stand out among its competitors.

How do we use our auditing process to benefit you?

Our Brand Auditing process is a proven system, developed over 20+ years in the marketing world. We get to know your brand inside and out: your mission, values, goals and everything that makes your brand YOUR brand. We can identify key differentiators and build marketing messaging around those strengths, and develop a digital marketing roadmap that sets your brand up for its next stage of growth.

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