If you are responsible for your company’s website, SEO, or pay-per-click advertising budget, then you will want to keep reading.

Companies spend millions on Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization each year; it is a trend that will continue as marketers attempt to reach you on every device. Thus, it’s important to identify & track your website visitors in order to make sure the people visiting your site are the ones interested in what you are selling, or marketing. What is the ROI on the million dollar investment? Check out this calculator available on entrepreneur.com: http://www.entrepreneur.com/calculators/payperclickroi.html

Guiding traffic to your website is a significant investment! To put things into perspective conservatively, if we paid Google $5 per responder to get them to our website, and we want 20 visitors per day, 5 days per week, that would amount to approximately $500 per week, $2,000 per month or $24k per year! So who would that 24k investment bring to your site? Most companies just don’t know.

Once you have attracted them to your website, (if you are lucky,) they look around for a while. But more than likely, they won’t fill out a form or purchase anything.

So what did the $5 achieve?


Visibility is good, and certainly important, and may even lead to future sales, but unless you know exactly who is visiting your site, the most your B-to-B company can hope to gain from this spend is some awareness with its prospective market.

We think of these visitors to our websites as stalkers. They turn up on your Google Analytics…they visit your site several times… they bookmark pages… but who are they? How do you contact them? How do you engage them? What do they want, really?

For years our clients just had to wait for their stalkers to complete a web form, to call in or submit a sign-up for a newsletter or some other interesting communiqué, but now we stalk the stalkers. We have their name, company and more. We can learn a lot of things about them just from the proverbial breadcrumbs they drop as they move around websites and links. What pages did they visit? Where did they spend their time? Now we know, and can act on these bits of information to better engage and ultimately convert these stalkers into real customers and clients.

Your website is attracting visitors, but do you know who they are? A professionally designed site combined with a well-thought-out SEO strategy, keyword bidding, and strong promo from your business developers will bring prospects to your site. We want to show you how to convert them into new business!

Integrating our automated marketing and communication system into your website can turn “anonymous” website traffic into sales opportunities.

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