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Passion and perseverance – can you imagine any origin story without it? We can’t either. Design the Planet was born and raised in New Orleans (a weird and unique planet unto itself) and this is our story.

Starting Design the Planet wasn’t Adrienne’s first spacewalk. It is the place where she can pour all of her vision and creativity into projects of her choosing. With a passion for working with local Louisiana brands, she leverages her impressive marketing and design background. What else? She harnesses her immense creative and strategic abilities to help local businesses prosper. Adrienne’s drive to make the world a better place is what has shaped Design the Planet into the website development and marketing team you know and love today. She didn’t set out to become a website and online marketing guru, but sometimes you have to go where the slip-stream takes you… And, she didn’t get here alone. A one-woman team doesn’t have all of the skill-sets and available time needed to plan and develop badass-marketing-genius websites. Adrienne has pulled together some serious talent who love to live and breathe client growth with marketing voodoo. Wanna read up on the rest of the team?

Yes, New Orleans is home and we love working with inspiring businesses from all over.

What makes Design the Planet special?

A long time ago we decided our clients needed a marketing partner to drive real change, results, and success. It’s difficult to build websites that achieve big goals and marketing plans that help businesses thrive, without knowing your partners at a very deep level. So, we developed some processes and systems to “dig deep” into our client brands so we can build marketing tools that work… Tools that attract customers and engage clients!

Our clients aren’t just bystanders in the metamorphosis from old to new. They are an integral part at every step and they tend to love the work we do. See what they have to say

Meet Our Team

We are also proud to say “Geaux Tigers” and “Who Dat?!” when we connect with our friends around town. We’ve got your hurricanes and ya cul-cha, right here. You can say that living in a big city on the edge of a swamp with a port-o-call and laissez faire lifestyle encourages creativity and out-da-box thinking.

Design the Planet isn’t out to just make a quick buck by selling the same templates to every client. Our passion is helping second stage businesses reach their next goals and the ones after that. This happens when we use our extensive brainpower to develop the custom solutions built specifically for them. Every amazing business we work with brings something unique to the world, and we believe that a website should be unique and targeted at the same time.

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Here are the other cool things that we bring to the table for our website techno-magic: SEO, SEM, Marketing Automation, Visitor ID, UX/UI, custom design, content development, Google love (not a technical term), Social Media integration, ecommerce, WordPress, HTML, and a bag of Zapp’s chips.

So, where does strategy come in?
… Glad you asked.

Strategy really starts before your website is planned and before your marketing tactics are considered. It nestles somewhere between the WHY and the HOW. If you don’t have a strategy driving what is next for your business, never fear, Design the Planet is here. With good strategy, you will have a better plan, a better website, better marketing and YES, better results.

A little bit more about strategy and digital marketing

Did we tell you We are on a mission?

The start of our mission is to do great work with good people to produce quality results, but beyond that, we donate 1% of our revenue to sustainable causes. With a name like Design The Planet, you can bet your landing gear we are passionate about our planet’s ability to continue to sustain life for the future generation of marketers!

We aren’t just Design the Planet – your local super-hero website and marketing agency. We are dedicated to helping our planet via numerous non-profits by funding their initiatives and getting involved with their necessary work. It’s a big job, but we are up to the challenge. Here’s some of the life sustaining work we support:

1% For the Planet, Oceana, Jubilee Justice, Audubon Conservation, Glass Roots, The Green ProjectHealthy Gulf , Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and a whole lot more.

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