Defining a Brand Ambassador

What is an ambassador of a brand? EVERYTHING! If that sounds a little dramatic for you, that’s okay. It was a purposeful and comprehensive answer – just as your brand should be. Let’s define “EVERYTHING” further with just a few examples of brand ambassadors: Employees: Uniforms and personal appearance, attitude, and knowledge of your products […]



1. Keep your brand “fashionable” Consumers look for what’s new and different. Like fashions, a brand can become dated. With old packaging, colors, fonts and style it could be time to do that makeover. If sales have gone down, take a look at your brand and packaging versus what the competition is sporting. How do […]


Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. If done well, commercial vehicle wraps could be considered a blend of advertising and art, and they can create many memorable impressions. Vehicle wraps, or the vehicle graphics that we often see on trucks, buses, and vans, are one of the most […]



Louisiana Office Products

Louisiana Office Products (LAOP) is a 30 year-old family owned office supply and furniture company. The company’s outdated look and feel positioned LAOP as the “chair store,” despite selling a full range of office supplies, equipment and furniture. With the need to compete against big box competitors, LAOP needed a way to harness its unique brand differentiation, change its outdated image and attitude, and infuse its brand community with enthusiasm.



Logo Design – Generating the Idea

Logo ideas usually come from a practical source such as a business plan, taking inspiration from the target audience and tangible attributes from the product or service being branded. Sometimes the original thought is a sketch by the client or their “artistic” 7-year-old family member. However, the best visual branding designs pull from many unseen […]



Branding Down to the Core

Last month my wife & I spent a long weekend in New York City for our anniversary. It was a nice break from life, but I could not help get caught up in the branding & advertising surrounding Times Square. I’ve seen it on TV and in movies hundreds of times, but you do not […]



5 Branding Secrets of Apple & Lady Gaga

I recently found a great article on BNET.com that epitomizes building a brand community and how to cater to that community. The article entitled Five Branding Secrets of Lady Gaga & Apple, go through how the eccentric singer and the innovate computer company create their brands. 1) Cultivate a Fanatical Fan Base: Fans of either […]