Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. If done well, commercial vehicle wraps could be considered a blend of advertising and art, and they can create many memorable impressions. Vehicle wraps, or the vehicle graphics that we often see on trucks, buses, and vans, are one of the most effective forms of advertising. You drive your vehicle, and your employees use your fleet wherever they go- for personal use, for business, and even sitting in your parking lot. With a vehicle wrap, all of these moments turn into advertising for you and your business.

The earning potential of a vehicle wrap is endless. There are many advantages to using a vehicle wrap as a form of advertisement for your company. Traditional advertising medias have limited availability and expire with time-vehicle wraps do not. You aren’t limited to a time slot, demographic, or outdated medium that people just skip over. You pay a one-time fee for a vehicle wrap, and you can use it to advertise your business in multiple locations.

Good, clear design can establish a viewer’s trust immediately, while poor or confusing design can create instant rejection. We do indeed judge a book by its cover! Using a bright and well-designed car wrap will turn people’s heads. As fleet graphics done creatively and well are rare, people tend to pay attention to them. As people see your well-designed and creative vehicle wrap, they will remember your brand, allowing it to be at the top of their minds when they may need your services.

Less is more. If there is too much information, you will most likely tune out before getting through all of it. It’s especially important to keep simple messaging on smaller vehicles. Unless a vehicle is parked, people only have a few seconds to take in your message. An effective vehicle wrap should have: a powerful brand messaging, your website address, your phone number, and a tagline message (optional). Since a large portion of your exposure is when the vehicle is moving, people will not remember your brand if there is too much to read.

Placement is key. Designing vehicle wraps is different from designing, say, a billboard or a newspaper ad. For one thing, vehicles are not flat surfaces. Even trucks and buses have windows that affect the final design. In order to create a successful vehicle wrap, you must have strong visual imagery. Get big pictures, use bold and beautiful colors, but be sure your images give off the right message without the design becoming busy. It is important to also have contrast. Do not blend in. Uniqueness will make your vehicle and your company stand out from the crowd. Something out of the ordinary always piques people’s interests. Think of something new, funny, or unusual to tell your audience. Use colors to evoke emotions, as people associate different emotions with different colors. Use this to your advantage.