As a marketing and branding firm that specializes in working with franchises and multi-location businesses, we meet with a diverse mix of prospective clients across a wide variety of industries that hope to turn their concept into a franchisable brand. These entrepreneurs range from highly experienced experts in their field to newbies that are fresh off of the boat, but what really makes the difference is the amount of research and preparation they have put into place before attempting to conceptualize and launch their product.

Coming across a franchise idea that holds potential for super-success is a rarity, so we were delighted when Nicole came to us with her concept for Party Planet Xtreme, PPX for short. Nicole envisioned PPX as a new and innovative party and entertainment complex that would appeal to the “extreme” side of entertainment-seekers, with attractions like rubber band bungees and a 22-foot vertical climbing challenge. Nicole had really done her homework on the subject, visiting countless entertainment centers and mapping out all of her unique offerings and differentiators. She even came prepared with a workable name and a base logo concept that she was using in pitches for financial backing! (Note: Having a realistic idea of your financial capabilities before attempting to launch your brand is a VERY smart move.) Nicole needed our help to make her dream a reality by guiding her through all of the planning and steps necessary to make PPX’s launch a smashing success and set her up with a franchise-ready brand.

After many hours of additional research, brainstorming, and location visits, we assisted Nicole in developing her branding statement, which is the most vital piece in establishing who you are as a brand, as it sets the tone for all of your marketing materials. We then reworked the logo and created an eye-popping, vibrant website design that perfectly captures the feeling of thrill and exhilaration one experiences at Party Planet Xtreme. Once these two must-have items were in place, we were able to focus on spreading the word, working with our trusted media buyer to create a marketing plan that maximized PPX’s budget in radio, TV, and print media. Additionally, we partnered with a reputable local PR firm to ensure that PPX was being buzzed about through every avenue possible. (Another side note: a formal advertising plan can wait until 2-3 months before launch, but it is NEVER too early to start talking about your product! If you’re launching a brand, social media should be your new best friend.)

Finally, we prepped for opening day by working through all of the final small details that set a brand apart from its competitors and provide that extra-special memorable experience; in PPX’s case, we developed black-light t-shirts that capture the neon glow of the location, as well as glow-in-the-dark refillable cups that contribute to the ambience and theme of PPX. The end result is a highly successful launch—party orders are pouring in, the client is busy and ecstatic, and we are very proud of the final product.

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