1. Keep your brand “fashionable” Consumers look for what’s new and different. Like fashions, a brand can become dated. With old packaging, colors, fonts and style it could be time to do that makeover. If sales have gone down, take a look at your brand and packaging versus what the competition is sporting. How do […]

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You may have heard the terms RGB, CMYK and/or PMS in relation to color, but you may not know what each acronym stands for or why they matter. Consider this your introduction to the exciting world of RGB, CMYK and PMS (Pantone Matching System). If you want your artwork to look the way it was […]

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Importance of Photography in Graphic Design

Ever since photography has been around, it has been utilized as a key component of advertising. Look back at early advertising and you will most likely see an image that became a staple for that company. Illustrations were used early on, but photographic images capture an emotion. Photography has an emotional component to it, so […]

a Dog Wearing Goggles


Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. If done well, commercial vehicle wraps could be considered a blend of advertising and art, and they can create many memorable impressions. Vehicle wraps, or the vehicle graphics that we often see on trucks, buses, and vans, are one of the most […]



Connect with history, nature, culture and fun…Get Connected to Ascension Parish!

  When Ascension Parish, a Louisiana parish made up of the towns of Gonzales, Donaldsonville, and Sorrento, approached us to help with their rebranding efforts, we were excited to work with such a culturally and historically rich brand. The parish is a literal gumbo of all the cultures unique to South Louisiana, and they boast […]