What is an ambassador of a brand?

EVERYTHING! If that sounds a little dramatic for you, that’s okay. It was a purposeful and comprehensive answer – just as your brand should be.

Let’s define “EVERYTHING” further with just a few examples of brand ambassadors:

Employees: Uniforms and personal appearance, attitude, and knowledge of your products and services. Each of these employee qualities make-up one of the most important type of ambassadors – the human presence that reflects your company’s core values and beliefs.

Customers: Think of customers as an endless pool of brand ambassadors. A friend who tweeted about her new hard-to-find boots that came from a local boutique, a co-worker who told the office about an amazing lunch for under $10, a smart-phone-challenged dad who posted photos of his new BBQ grill cover… all of this free exposure is priceless. A happy customer is free advertising.

Mascot: This fun visual aid carries your brand with extra personality. Think Tony the Tiger or Mr. Peanut (or Mr. P’s stunt double). This character has the unique opportunity to showcase your company’s core values and beliefs, and is an ambassador in the traditional sense that directly relates to the consumer.

Website: Mobile and desktop sites should have content, design, and functionality that creates interest in your brand. This digital ambassador tells your brand’s story and delivers a clear answer to the question “Who are you and why am I visiting your website?” The visitor to your website should always be thinking “Wow…I need you in my life!”

Logo: This is the most recognized element of your brand and is singularly what people think of when they hear “brand”. A logo is NOT a brand. It is a brand ambassador, and like the above ambassadors, your logo should work in harmony with all other aspects of your brand.

A brand defines the entire experience of the consumer – first exposure from satisfied customer, researching online, purchasing, enjoying their purchase, and getting excited enough to tell others. Take a close look at every aspect of your business and ask “Are my brand ambassadors telling my brand’s story and demonstrating my business’ core values?”