Why Your One Home Page is Failing

We spend a lot of time researching, planning, designing, testing, improving, editing, and updating our clients’ website homepages, and, why shouldn’t we? It’s the “main event” and the “key entry point” for new visitors to your website – isn’t it? At the risk of sounding like the internet geek that I am, I have to […]


Row for it!

For years now, my motto in life as well as in business has been, “If there is no wind, row.” For me, the wind symbolizes a good team, good clients and good sales. I’ve discovered there will be times in business where the wind is always at your back and it’s nothing but smooth sailing. […]


Talking the talk: does the tone of your website sound like your brand?

Marketers, these days, can easily promote websites using social media, paid advertising, SEO, and automated marketing to reach the target demographic that will have the highest rates of engagement online. While these integrated tools are indispensable to increasing that online traffic and expanding brand awareness, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important (and most […]


Paid Owned Earned Media: The Cultural Shift from Affluence Marketing to Influence Marketing

For years, the marketing industry operated on the basis of what is called “affluence” marketing. This marketing model is rooted in marketers having the financial power, status, and exclusivity necessary to buy the right to reach a desired targeted group of consumers. Glamorous affluent brands dominated the marketplace through the lure of premium advertisements produced […]