Using LinkedIn to Hook Your Professional Biz Network

With over 238 million professionals using LinkedIn, the business-minded social media site offers up an appealing avenue for reaching high-quality potential customers. The appeal is there, whether your online business operates in the business-to-business (B2) or business-to-consumer (B2C) arena. Once you’ve covered the basics of your business, such as installing an SDSL Internet connection and […]



Social Media: How to Get The Biggest Bang Out of What You Share

Last week, the loyalty-management firm Aimia published a compelling new study about social media users that identified and differentiated six specific types of users, creating an argument for the idea that it is not about the consistency of your online presence, but rather how you go about targeting your particular brand audience. The study points […]



Facebook Gets (Yet Another) Facelift

It must be that time of year again when Mark Zuckerburg and the designers at Facebook get tired of the latest design or layout of Facebook. They’ve seemed so indecisive over the years, but hopefully, this latest update will be here to stay (for awhile). Come March 30th, your Facebook page will automatically be updated […]



Social Personalities

If you’re a Facebook user then you probably are a fan of a few Facebook pages (I know it is officially known as “Like” pages, but I refuse to succumb to their vagueness. Long live “Fan” pages.) Lately, I have noticed a few of my favorite Fan pages doing some great things and others, some […]



Congrats to Facebook

Congratulations are in order. Facebook recently registered their 500 millionth member. I wonder if Facebook threw that person a party like the grocery stores used to do for their 1 millionth customer? Wow! The United States only has a touch over 300 million citizens according to Google Public Data. In a recent article on US […]



Happy Birthday Facebook!

It’s hard to believe that Facebook is just 6 years old. Where were we before anyone ever heard of Facebook or MySpace? (It’s okay, I hardly remember as well.) I hope you enjoy Facebook and other possibly other social media avenues to reach out to old friends, disconnected family members and even your spouse, but […]