It must be that time of year again when Mark Zuckerburg and the designers at Facebook get tired of the latest design or layout of Facebook. They’ve seemed so indecisive over the years, but hopefully, this latest update will be here to stay (for awhile). Come March 30th, your Facebook page will automatically be updated to the new Facebook Timeline. But don’t fret, you’ve got some time to get your page into ship-shape if you’re not quite ready for the change. I’ll note some of the major updates to be aware of and link up some sources to reference below.

1. Add A Cover Image

New Cover Images are automatically added to your Timeline.

This will be the large image people first see upon visiting your page. For your business page, make sure it’s branded, but don’t go overboard. There are some restrictions such as: displaying price or purchase information, contact details (that should go in your Page’s “About” section, references to Facebook features or actions (such as “Like” or “Share”), and other calls-to-actions.

2. Update Your Profile Picture

Choose an icon or logo that represents your brand.

This will be your avatar or icon for Facebook, so your logo or icon would be a good choice here.

3. Use The Highlight Feature

Milestones are automatically highlighted upon posting, but you can reduce the priority after it's been posted.

Starring or Highlighting a post will expand it to take up both columns (as well as an enlarging the font). This is a great feature to highlight company Milestones.

4. Pin An Important Article To The Top

Notice the yellow ribbon at the top right of the post, indicating use of the Pin to Top feature.

By clicking Pin to Top, your post will stay at the top of your feed for 7 days. This is a great way to advertise specials, keep your most recent blog post viewable, or keep other important updates front-and-center.

5. Review The Admin Panel (top right)

The Help menu also includes a Take the Tour option which will guide you through updating your new Facebook layout.

This is where you’ll find: Notifications, Messages, New Likes, Insights, and Page Tips.

I think once you dig in, you’ll find the new Facebook Pages much more user-friendly. Keep in mind Facebook is gradually updating items so you may experience a few bugs along the way.

So, check us out on Facebook and let us know how your new Facebook Page update goes.

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