Hello, friends! I am donning my media maven cap once again to talk about an important type of web marketing that is not often discussed…in-store Facebook marketing. As Facebook becomes a more and more popular medium for businesses to advertise to and connect with their target market, it becomes vital that owners are aware of how to best leverage this social media tool to maximize its value.

According to PR Web, it has been found that 38% of smartphone users research the products that they’re interested in purchasing WHILE they’re in the store. This makes their in-store experience the MOST important time to ensure that potential customers have easy access to the information you want to share with them, and your company’s Facebook page is the prime place to do so. By employing these PR Web tactics to encourage in-store guests to visit your Facebook page, you can better control the information being shared, gaining new Fans and positively promoting your business.

Provide in-store incentives to Like your Facebook page. Employ creative signage that draws attention and encourages in-store users to Like your business on Facebook, providing your Facebook page URL and incentivizing them with a small token of your appreciation, such as 10% off their purchase. Offering this minor discount now ensures major brand exposure in the future, as your business will now remain top-of-mind to that user through your Facebook posts that appear on their newsfeed. By offering consistent fan-only discounts and deals through your Facebook page, you are creating an exclusive club for your dedicated customer base and creating value that makes your product and brand more in-demand.

Use Facebook tools to your advantage. Facebook provides a quick and easy free feature called Facebook Offers, which allows the business owner to create and share discounts with their Facebook Fans through the Ads Create tool. Here’s how it works: Once you’ve created the discount, your Facebook Fans receive an email that they can bring into the store in order to claim the discount. They also have the option of Sharing the offer with their friends, which promotes brand awareness and visibility and in turn creates new Fans. Similar to Groupon and the like, this is a simple way to get lots of in-store traffic and attract new customers. (Sidenote: Make sure to provide in-store signage that lets walk-in customers know that the deal is going on, as well-this is an easy way to score even more Likes and Shares!)

Remember, Facebook is such an effective tool because it is a unique way to consistently interact with your brand audience on a personal level, igniting an emotional connection to your customer base. Emotional branding creates a stronger sense of brand loyalty and long-term dedication to your product, which is why social media is so important. Although Facebook is a great way to drive sales and increase profits, I encourage you to place as much (if not more) emphasis on employing Facebook as a means of relating to your brand audience and building and fostering a real relationship with them. Discounts will draw them in, but a true connection to your brand is what will make them stay! #mediamavenout