It’s hard to believe that Facebook is just 6 years old. Where were we before anyone ever heard of Facebook or MySpace? (It’s okay, I hardly remember as well.)

I hope you enjoy Facebook and other possibly other social media avenues to reach out to old friends, disconnected family members and even your spouse, but if you’re a business owner, hopefully your connecting with your company’s brand community through it’s tools.

Developing a simple fan page on Facebook and providing news about your products and/or services is an easy way to keep your best customers & clients informed and help them spread your message to their friends and family. The main reason why people don’t talk about your company is because they have nothing pertinent to say or it’s hard. Give them something to talk about it and Facebook allows them to share it with their friends.

For many New Orleans brand names, there are already Facebook fan pages set up by your fans. I love talking to business owners that don’t even know they have a fan page for their business. That shows real fan devotion and imagine how your business will grow if you add fuel to their fire.

If you’re a numbers person, here are the stats on Facebook:

  • Facebook has over 400 Million Global Users
  • Facebook has 100 Million U.S. Users
  • The average Facebook User Spends 55 Minutes Per Day
  • Real-time Search Is Important: Facebook is searchable by Google (without privacy controls)