Using LinkedIn to Hook Your Professional Biz Network

With over 238 million professionals using LinkedIn, the business-minded social media site offers up an appealing avenue for reaching high-quality potential customers. The appeal is there, whether your online business operates in the business-to-business (B2) or business-to-consumer (B2C) arena. Once you’ve covered the basics of your business, such as installing an SDSL Internet connection and […]



Social Media: How to Get The Biggest Bang Out of What You Share

Last week, the loyalty-management firm Aimia published a compelling new study about social media users that identified and differentiated six specific types of users, creating an argument for the idea that it is not about the consistency of your online presence, but rather how you go about targeting your particular brand audience. The study points […]



12 Great Ways to Use Twitter to Your Advantage

So, you’re ready for your very own Twitter account but still don’t grasp how it’s used? Maybe you’re one of the many ‘tweeples’ that already has a Twitter account, but can’t fathom what to write (tweet) about. Maybe your buddy/co-worker is giving you flak for having a Twitter account and you need some ammo to […]



Did Everyone Just Find Twitter?

In the past week, two more big names have joined the Twitter ranks. A popular sports TV show on ESPN called Pardon The Interruption (PTI) is now on Twitter and after a few days they’ve already added “tweeting” to their regular vocabulary. PTI will discuss what is happening in the sports world as it happens […]



The Power of Immediate News

Last night I recorded American Idol because my wife was in class. When she got home, we sat down to eat dinner and then watched American Idol fill the last 3 spots of the Top 12 contestants. Because of some drama of a certain contestant and long winded responses from the judges the show ran […]



Facebook is King!

After a rough week with users revolting about a change in their privacy policy, Facebook has had a great week. This week, Facebook introduced that a new Twitter inspired look was on its way and MySpace announced the loss of 3 key executives (source: USA Today). Two days later, we read another article announcing Facebook […]