Last night I recorded American Idol because my wife was in class. When she got home, we sat down to eat dinner and then watched American Idol fill the last 3 spots of the Top 12 contestants. Because of some drama of a certain contestant and long winded responses from the judges the show ran 5 minutes late. Our DVR did not record the extra 5 minutes so we only found out 2 of the 3 moving on. One of our favorite contestants was still waiting on his fate as were 3 other signers.

What to do? We searched some of the mega news websites – MSN, Yahoo, AOL, even American Idols own website. None of those websites will be updated until the next morning. What to do? I searched Google and Technorati looking for a blog, but even the most recent posts did not have who was chosen, just commentary about the performances that night. A light bulb went off in my head and I searched Twitter. Immediately I found out that American Idol ran 5 minutes late and the contestant my wife & I were pulling for was not in the Top 12. He made the Top 13 in  a stunning TV moment which again – my DVR did not record. Twitter helped me rest knowing what happened and now I peacefully wait until that TV moment is posted on YouTube so I can watch it myself.