Using LinkedIn to Hook Your Professional Biz Network

With over 238 million professionals using LinkedIn, the business-minded social media site offers up an appealing avenue for reaching high-quality potential customers. The appeal is there, whether your online business operates in the business-to-business (B2) or business-to-consumer (B2C) arena. Once you’ve covered the basics of your business, such as installing an SDSL Internet connection and […]



Social Media: How to Get The Biggest Bang Out of What You Share

Last week, the loyalty-management firm Aimia published a compelling new study about social media users that identified and differentiated six specific types of users, creating an argument for the idea that it is not about the consistency of your online presence, but rather how you go about targeting your particular brand audience. The study points […]



Another Milestone in Social Media

On the heels of Facebook turning 6 years old, LinkedIn hits another large benchmark. On February 11, LinkedIn announced their 60,000,000 member. Not sure what that exactly means. It means more and more people are going to LinkedIn to find employment through via networking and more people are doing business through LinkedIn. This also shows […]



Sorry that we have been gone.

We have actually been working on a new home for our Design the Planet and also building a new blog for our construction division, the Brand Constructors, blog. We understand the importance of posting to a blog consistently and frequently and we promise that we will get back on track and should be adding new […]