Today, we live in the age of the e-blast- fast and economical, this convenient means of getting your message across is a popular trend that most companies employ to send out news, updates, product launches, and daily deals.

However, e-blasting can be a double-edged sword, as its chief benefit can also be its greatest downfall: accessibility. Email is by and large the most common form of corporate communication, and has even replaced phone calls as the most popular medium among business professionals. However, although email is the preferred form of communication for most in our busy world, it is oftentimes not the most effective.

Even though people are constantly checking and replying to their email, the process is normally rushed and fleeting. In the fast-paced corporate environment, people usually don’t take the time to truly digest and think about the content of an email when there are dozens more behind it that still need their attention.

This is where the mailed newsletter comes in. Contrary to popular belief, snail mail is not dead. Despite people’s propensity towards email, an overwhelming amount of research has found that communication by mail makes a more positive and lasting impact. Why? Because it shows more EFFORT and it is more PERSONAL.

If your company is sending out anything to do with your own brand, we strongly suggest that you consider sending it as a mailed newsletter. A great tool in creating more personality within your company that clients can connect with is picking a specific time of year that you identify with and sending out a company newsletter surrounding that date.

For instance, Design the Planet is heavily influenced by our green, environmentally conscious values, so we chose Earth Day as our special adopted holiday. We further shape our personality and build upon our brand identity in our client’s minds by choosing this holiday and theme for our yearly Planetary Update, in which we share with our friends and colleagues what’s new around our Planet.

What day, event, or time of year do you identify with? Build it into your newsletter, and build a better connection with your clients.