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Competing with other parishes for visitors and tax revenue is a constant battle for Ascension Parish – even if they do have several River Road Plantations, outdoor adventures aplenty, festivals year round, an outlet mall, and an expo center. Ascension Parish’s Tourism Team recognized that their logo and branding was outdated. Their website wasn’t mobile and their image in print didn’t match the vibrant and growing parish it represented.

After a hefty amount of research, visited the major points of interest in the parish, identifying all locations big and small, analyzing all of the possible target visitors to the parish to understand why they would visit Ascension, we started created a written description of the brand and set goals for the rebrand. What about the competition? Many of the surrounding parishes had made upgrades to their logos and marketing so we had to understand that as well before embarking on the identity.

Historical Identity

Ascension Parish is a combination of Louisiana plantation life and history, dining and festivals, and a modern shopping experience. The goal with the identity was to show the vibrant and “always in motion” parish through illustration with a wood-cut feeling.

Custom Responsive Website

This contemporary-vintage combo accentuates Ascension Parish’s unique historic and modern-day offerings.

Promos to Promote

Launching the new branding and sharing it with locals and visitors alike could have been a daunting task. With a banner and some specially selected promo items the branding was refreshing and well received. (Promo: Frisbee, Koozies, T-shirt) The new identity was unleashed on the people who attended the Gonzales Jambalaya Festival.

Selling a Weekend Getaway in 4 Inches

Every tourist center and travel agent has hundreds of brochures at their fingertips and promoting a “weekend getaway to experience life on the bayou, fabulous cuisine and festivals” is a tall order for a brochure that is only 4 inches wide. Hours were spent boiling down the best offerings the parish had in order to create a brochure that would market the “spirit” of Ascension Parish and connect to the future visitor.


How do we get the word out when people are speeding down the interstate at 70 miles per hour?

Before / After

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