Spicy Dark Cosmetics

Spicy Dark Cosmetics is a cruelty-free makeup line for sophisticated women with active lifestyles. Often, finding long-lasting, photo-ready makeup that feels light, applies flawlessly, and is healthy for your skin can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. When Spicy Dark came to Design the Planet to design and build a modern, stylish website that matched the brand’s unique flavor, the DTP team was thrilled to work with a women’s cosmetics brand that consistently delivers on product quality and price for their consumers. DTP also integrated a wholesaler retail system, allowing wholesale customers to order products at a discounted rate.

Not only does Spicy Dark Cosmetics deliver makeup that is both sustainably created and sophisticated, but they’ll show you how to use it, too. Customers looking for inspiration can book a makeover online to soak up the tips and tricks of the Spicy Dark experts, or get a glimpse of the cosmetics at work with the Spicy Dark Cosmetics Instagram Feed that highlights fans of the product and how they wear their own Spicy Dark products. The new website is a fully custom, responsive e-commerce site that highlights their amazing products – and the amazing women who wear them.

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