The inventor of SkinOpolis formulated a product to solve a very personal challenge, and before long, people she knew wanted to use it, too. After several failed attempts to create the branding on her own, she engaged our creative team to professionally develop branding that truly represented her product in the right way. With no written plan for the brand, our client had few ideas on how to bring her product to the public market for retail sale. Her product needed an identity, connection to her personal journey that led to its creation, and a savvy marketing team to get it to the people who need it most. We were pumped to take on this start-up branding challenge!

Identity Design

The Opolis Line needed a strong logo, naming and packaging system suitable for all current and future products. We devised and documented branding and positioning statements to guide the creative and communications. The inventor’s inspiring story was key to connecting consumers to the brand, and her passion for developing healthy products needed to be shared.

A professionally designed product logo should be: Target-market appropriate, versatile, timeless, simple and memorable, and for SkinOpolis… we needed to add the phrase: “FUN and Sexy with a side of ‘I Dream of Jeannie’.” To accomplish this, we applied the newly developed branding statements and the fun-and-funky personality of the product’s inventor to the look and feel of the Opolis identity design. The result is an engaging, unique, retro solution for branding these carefully made healthy-lifestyle focused products.


Fighting for visibility and recognition on a retail products shelf can be daunting. But, fighting for awareness and relevance online now-a-days can be motivation crushing! So, how does a small start-up consumer product company say: “Were fun, and fabulous, organic, reasonably priced and very effective,” in two inches of packaging space? We believe in the statement, “It’s organic and carefully crafted, but not Boring.”

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