Laser Tag of Metairie

Laser Tag of Metairie has been a hub of wholesome, clean, and safe family fun for over twenty years. But it isn’t just a creative space, or a fun birthday party – Laser Tag of Metairie has become a haven for the community, offering local schools and organizations fundraisers, donations, and support in any way possible. Their mission to create a fun, happy experience that is both safe and clean for the locals of Louisiana has never changed. For them, this isn’t just a job, but a calling…and they take the business of fun very seriously.

Custom Responsive Website

Design the Planet’s mission was to give Laser Tag of Metairie a revamped web presence that would represent the modern, boundlessly-fun center of imagination that it has embodied over the last two decades. Their fully-custom, responsive website has an out-of-this-world UX design that conveys the excited brand tone of Laser Tag, while remaining an easy-to-navigate, informational platform capable of high-volume event bookings. With the new website, frequenters of Laser Tag are offered a totally consistent brand experience that starts from the computer screen, and ends with a prize in their hands.

Website Success

78% New Users
85% Sessions
65% Page Views


As a vital component of their revamped aesthetic, the new Laser Tag brochure needed to exhibit consistent tone and modern branding, while still conveying a vast amount of information such as specials, prices, hours of operation, etc. Design the Planet crafted a creative, energetic tri-fold to communicate the sense of adventure and endless fun that remains at the core of Laser Tag of Metairie after over two decades of steadfast operation.

Social Media Management

Design the Planet has been excited to take on the opportunity of creating exciting and engaging social media posts for Laser Tag of Metairie. The ultimate goal of boosting their social media presence has been to increase both the physical foot traffic and the overall brand awareness of Laser Tag amongst the community of Metairie.

97% Engagement
33% Likes
150% Reach

Before / After

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