Chances are you’ve heard the word “blog.” Chances are you’ve heard of Word Press. Some of you may have blogs on your own site. You might even use Word Press as a blogging platform for your own blogging needs. But chances are you don’t know that Word Press can be used as a content management system (CMS).

More and more, Word Press is being used to help developers find an inexpensive way to help clients update their websites on their own.

Some CMS can cost thousands of dollars, and having a developer or design firm update your site can cost even more over time. With Word Press, a developer can install a CMS and pass the savings on to you.

Word Press has been coming into its own over the past several years, and this past week, they’ve finally been recognized for their hard work.

PACKT Publishing has recognized Word Press for their hard work by awarding them with the Open Source CMS Award for best Open Source CMS and a whopping $4,000.

It’s obvious that Word Press’ popularity is growing. Currently there are 63,026,196 downloads of 7,385 plugins for anything raging from e commerce shopping carts to events lists, to photo galleries, to twitter feeds. There is also a vast support community to help developers and users trouble shoot, and this community will only continue to grow.

Design the Planet can install Word Press on your website with a custom designed skin. We can make it easy for you to manage content and keep your customers informed with the most up to date information. You can even add videos and photos on your own.

So, the next time you hear Word Press, don’t think of blogs, think about how easy it is to update your website on your own.