Why You’re Website is Not Showing Up on Google

You know that cheerleader in high school you tripped all over yourself trying to impress, and, for about five minutes, thought was your girlfriend? One minute she made you feel like Maverick in Top Gun and the next like Steve Urkel? Google is just like her.

One minute you’re at the top off the page and the next you’re a wad of gum stuck under the desk. Like a flighty teenager who can’t decide who she’ll let take her to the prom, Google’s rankings change from minute-to-minute. You may be #1 now but, later in the day, you may find yourself languishing on page two. This matters because the first page of Google receives 95% of web traffic, with subsequent pages receiving 5% or less. Why is your website not showing up in Google search results? …It’s complicated.

Because of the constantly changing nature of Google’s algorithm, you must keep on moving, keep talking, keep networking, and keep dreaming up more content for all things SEO-related. It takes commitment and creativity. You can pay (Google)-to-play, but be prepared to keep paying because the second you stop you’ll be yesterday’s news in Google’s search results.

So, how do you make sure your website always appears in Google Search Results? Google uses thousands of criteria to determine which organizations get the top slots. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have enough of the right keywords?
  2. Do you have authority?
  3. Are there enough links back to your site?
  4. Is the traffic to your site both direct and referred?
  5. Do you have a mobile-friendly website?
  6. What is your bounce rate and why?
  7. How long do people spend on your site?
  8. How often is new content added to your site?

Like high school, Google kind of sucks. But, in this brave new era of online marketing, we all need it. Fortunately, this time, Design the Planet is here to be your wingman. With our help, you’ll win over Google for life.