I have no idea.

After a successful branding of a waste management company that is as synonymous with black as UPS is with brown, the SDT Waste truck is now white. I am amazed, stunned, and baffled by this change. Living in the New Orleans post-Katrina has had it’s ups and downs, but won of the biggest changes for the better was the new clean French Quarter. Along with the clean French Quarter came a clean Bourbon Street, clean Mardi Gras, and clean French Quarter Fest. Amazing for any party goer to see, a clean & good smelling Bourbon Street.

The company’s namesake and spokesmen, Sidney Torres, has a rockstar-like image with New Orleanians and has branded the company with the bull head and black everything. From the company’s trucks and dumpsters to their website and television commercials, black is the main constant throughout. You can even order apparel and koozies from their website, all in black of course. So why would such a power element of a well-liked, local brand change so drastically? I’m not really sure. I assumed they chose black initially to differentiate from their competitors trucks and because it is easy to clean and even matches everything.

What do you think lead SDT Waste to change their colors?