Through my adventurous and guilty pleasures of New Orleans’ restaurant variety, I’ve learned a few things. For example:

According to my previously Northern-based co-workers, I don’t know jack about good pizza. Another… Do one thing and do it well; don’t depend on special menu offers to wrangle new taste buds.

Many venues are well known and respected for their signature products/services. It’s why your customers have special occasions there. A fellow can be assured that his attempt to impress won’t be ruined by an over-salted “special o’ the day” that the chef’s only cooked under a couple dozen times.

To pull off specials successfully while keeping your client base in mind takes extreme balance and practice… more about knowing your client. If you’re known for consistently having outstanding boudin, hamburgers, and beer on the menu; don’t rely on the Sunday Special of Oven-Roasted Quail with a Véronique Sauce and Water Chestnut Dressing to go gangbusters and attract new customers.

You know (should know) your client well. How do you make the standards better instead of creating that specialty dish smothered in too much of your Whatever Sauce. What are you hiding? What aren’t you doing better?