Social media is fast becoming the best way to reach an audience efficiently and at a relatively lowVideo Marketing cost. In social media environments, where content is king, video has become a hugely popular form of social media content. Therefore, video marketing is becoming the most effective type of content for promoting services or products online.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Videos make great storytellers by making information more digestible and easier to understand. They involve movement and noise, which are definite attention-getters. Videos can encompass all the other types of content, including text, music, photographs, links, and, even podcasts. No other communication medium has all these abilities.

Video marketing comes with a few caveats. Not all video is created equal. First, in order to maximize the influence of video content, quality always beats quantity. Companies need to be selective about the video they produce and/or curate (repost) online. Second, user generated content (UGC), which is user-submitted and community-created, tends to be seen as more trustworthy by users. There is a feeling (for better or worse) that video content produced by a peer or a stranger is unbiased, whereas a brand obviously has an agenda. Over-produced or “slick” video content tends to be less effective on social media platforms. It’s about keeping it real.

How Do We Use It to Benefit You?

Video is integral to modern marketing. Whether an introduction video on a website, explainer video about your product, or client testimonial video, we create great video content that your users want to watch, and more importantly share! Our video production team can find the balance between real and high-quality, while making your company and its products and services appealing to your target audience.