It’s that time of year! The Holidays are quickly approaching, and businesses need to get their customers’ attention in the most efficient way. So, smart entrepreneurs are refreshing their web content!

PUSH THE REFRESH BUTTON!! Quick!! Do it before the “window” closes!

Really, you can’t miss the end-of-the-year update event. Why you ask? Because, right now your customers and clients are pondering the year that’s past. They are considering their end-of-the-year purchases, and they have time in between gobbling turkey and sipping port with relatives to surf the web to see who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

Whether you’re a B-2-B computer consultant or a B-2-C purveyor retail products, right now is the time for web site updating and content redoux. We are very busy with this kind of web work right now, and the reason for it is obvious. So, push your refresh button before Mardi Gras comes to town!