I can’t tell you how many times I heard this in the late 90’s “We don’t need a web site!” – I thought it would go away but somehow I still hear it at least once a month.

My simple answer is that if you are in business you better have a web siteand it should be good – and yes,  you will need to update it or pay someone to update it. It doesn’t have to have a million pages to be good.  Here are just a few of the  reasons for having a website I bring up when I hear the crazy – to me – statement ” We don’t need a website!”

1. Do you have more business then you know what to do with?

2. Are highly qualified employee applicants lining up at your door – and begging to get in?

3. Does your phone ring off the hook? Only to find out that your staff is answering the same question over and over and over – “What time do you close?”

… there are several more, but this is a start – keep reading for the answers


1. Most companies are looking for new business and a website will help you reach several market segments you have been unable to reach before. Believe it or not people are searching for your product and service right now on the web. If you want the statistics then contact me and give us a few key words associated with your industry and I”ll tell you how many searches are made per month, per year, regionally, nationally, internationally

2. When you are trying to hire well for your company having a solid, helpful web site with info on employment is powerfully important. You interview them but they interview you. Applicants are smart and they want to know more about the company they are applying to. They want to feel like the company is solid, dependable, probably friendly. Companies with better web sites can hire better from stock clerk to contractor all the way to CFO. We have set up systems so clients can post jobs and take applications online – how much money do you think  that saves?

3. Phone calls from your existing clients are good, but they can take up a lot of time. For lots of our clients we suggest and implement adding more info to their web sites. We can add “How To” manuals, and basic forms to download and
fill out before visiting. Even having simple info like hours of operation on your website can cut down on nuisance phone calls. Don’t you have more important things for your staff to be doing?

And believe it or not I have people who ask why they need a blog – but I guess you might be able to answer that question if you have read this far.