Earlier this week I received an email about a client asking me if he should post a commercial on U-Tube. This proceeded to tell him it is YouTube and that it wouldn’t hurt to have his commercial on the social media website and that it would actually make it easier for us to post the commercial on his website. (Actually a company called U-Tube that owns the domain www.Utube.com sued YouTube for inadvertent traffic causing U-Tube’s web hosting costs to skyrocket to thousands of dollars a month for the influx of bandwidth. Don’t hold me on it, but I believe U-Tube beat YouTube on this one.)

This reminded me of another conversation I had with a prospect back in August of 2008 when he said he wanted to blob on My Face. He was confused with what social media was and that one does not blog (not blob) on MySpace or Facebook. I explained to him the differences in the mediums and after learning more about him and his business, I suggested LinkedIn and blogging. I later blogged about the conversation and the basics of social media on our website.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it – There are No Blobs on Myface. (Just a warning, that the blog may be a bit dated now.)