Here are: Top 5 Tips For Successful Web Development in 2022


Picture this: You sit down with a hot cup of coffee, ready to embark on the mission to find your business a professional web development company that can take your online presence to the next level and help you reach your goals for growth.

You stumble upon Design the Planet and think, “Oooh, Design The Planet” “what a clever marketing agency name, let’s see what they have to offer for web development”. You click the link and are immediately transported 10 years back: A static home page with an oh-so-busy color scheme, outdated fonts, little-to-no animation and zero video content. And, finding out how to “contact us” is as easy as Jason Bourne finding his true identity. Who wants that experience?

As the old saying goes – the best cobbler in town would never have proper shoes for himself or his family. We spend all of our time designing and developing our clients’ websites, and we have to admit that it is difficult to make the time to plan and create our own.

A complete website redesign was far overdue for Design The Planet, and if we are honest, it was about two years over due. COVID didn’t help, but in its own way it kind of did. We had some introspective time during the pandemic and we realized that the old website just wasn’t us anymore. Time had passed it up and our web development needed some drastic modernizations.

Here are five web development techniques that set us, and our new website, apart from the others:


Why Plan Every Page of Your Website for Success?

1) Every page should be engineered for optimal user experience and engagement. When we say every pixel of our new site was designed with intention, that is an understatement. Websites are a culmination of image, content, color, spacing, and movement. The websites we are designing now are planned for the USER in an obsessive kind of way. We are way past “sharing information” or “building a shopping cart”. We are interrelating what the client needs to see with what we want them to see and when. You may have heard the buzz about UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface). Our audience/user planning has to speak to both human beings and Google AI, so with some very strict guidelines and goals, we approached each page and crafted the encounter.


Do You Need Video on Your New Website?

2) Video content is KING. According to last year’s survey, video was predicted to account for an unprecedented 82% of all internet traffic by 2020 ( If that was anticipated for 2020, think of how much video plays a part in media consumption today. We all fall victim to it: Scrolling on Tiktok aimlessly for hours, looking up DIY videos on how to organize your closet on Youtube, etc…  We are gradually preferring our information fed to us from a 30-second clip rather than a page-long article (are you still even reading this?). All jokes aside, we see a need for effective video content in web development, so we implemented this in the form of client testimonials and a homepage video for the new site.


What Is A Call-To-Action On A Website Page?

3) A call-to-action for every encounter. This is apart of the user experience, but we are highlighting it because it is that important. Your entire website loses its purpose if the visitor cannot find out how to contact you. More than that, you have to keep “asking people to connect” as they scroll your website.
What is a call-to-action? Some good examples of CTA’s are, “Click here to contact us” or “Ready for Success? let’s get started”. One call-to-action isn’t enough.


Can Strong Web Development Help You Close More Sales?

4) This may be giving away some of our New Orleans website development Secret Sauce, but we figure that you deserve something special if you’re still reading this. We have software that runs on the backend of the site that tracks visitors, tells us about every page they visit, and tells us when a form is filled out. Now we know more about the prospect’s interest before we pick up the phone to make contact. The software has a few other bells and whistles that we can’t share in a blog so if you’re interested, you can schedule a call or meeting with DTP owner Adrienne Folse and she will explain what we have and how it may benefit your organization.  (


Why Is Search Engine Optimization So Important For A Website’s Ranking On Google?

5) Search Engine Optimization. SEO seems to be the buzz word for marketing these days, but many don’t know how to effectively utilize Search Engine Optimization. Most people know that successful web development needs good SEO to entice and enchant Google, Bing, etc. So, just like we designed every pixel with purpose, we did even more for the actual content of our website. There are content strategies for the parts of the website you can see and the parts only Google can index. The wording and phrasing in each section are intentional so that Search Engines will direct the right people to best pages on our website.


It’s often said, that mimicry is the best form of flattery. So before all of our local competitors jump on our redesigned bandwagon, go check out our site and see what you think. Next, consider what your company growth would be like if you had Design The Planet add all of these features to your businesses website. Sophisticated, sexy, search engine friendly, effective, and also up-to-date modern.

Check out all the bells and whistles on our new site, and give us feedback on what you think!