After my ticket is torn, I make my way to the concessions picking up a Barq’s root beer and box of Junior Mints, and head to my seat just in time for previews. People bustle to their seats, munch on popcorn, whisper about movies they plan to see, slurp their various carbonated beverages, and the lights finally dim. And that’s when it happens. The movie production intros. Drums start to play, spotlights shine from multiple directions, trumpets chime in, symbols crash and a massive “20th Century Fox” logo fills the movie screen in front of me. My attention is undivided.

For me, it’s the movie production intros that signal that the movie is about to begin, and I can forget about the outside world for a few hours. As many sounds I encounter in a movie theater, this is the one my brain listens for to put me in the right movie-watching state-of-mind.

Watch some of the intros below and let me know which ones strike you? Do they bring you into the movie theater? Do any specific movies come to mind upon hearing/seeing the intros? Which brands can you name by sound alone?