Yesterday I was working with the marketing director for one of our clients & partner companies, Touch Studios, to update and upgrade their website. As we were working on moving pages around she admitted that she was a visual person (which I think all marketing & design people are) and that she printed out every page of their website and posted them on the wall. I loved hearing that!

She made a physical sitemap or flowchart of their website so she could picture the hierarchy and flow of the website. This sitemap allowed her to move things around easily and make “big picture” changes before touching (pun not intended) the actual website. This also helped her wrap her head around some of the decisions that were made before she was brought on board and to focus on some of the hidden pages on the website that have direct links to them such as their product pages.

This is much easier to visual than normal sitemaps with only boxes & lines. It also helps you ensure your prospective buyers and brand community can easily find things because you’re on the adventure with them.

If you’re making big changes in your company and to your website, this might be a great place to start.

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