We’ve been on this journey many times, and it’s never an easy one. A name is momentous; it’s the titular first impression, and the ultimate summary of your business’ mission and values. There’s no right or wrong way on the path to settling on a moniker, but here are a few guidelines to help you along the way:

Practical concerns: It’s not a bad idea to start early and consider how your business name will play out on billboards and advertisements; it’s best not to have a mouthful of a name. You want something that your consumers can read and comprehend quickly, and that will stick with them after the fact. We here at DTP are willing and able to advise clients on the legibility and visual value of your proposed name.

Be unique and carve your own space in the market: It’s good to look toward your competitors in order to prepare and strategize before starting up, but don’t ride their coattails. Develop a solid sense of identity instead of following trends, or risk being confused with competitors at best and losing business at worst. For example: for quite a while in the late 2000’s, during the advent of Mac madness, companies started naming their various technological enterprises lowercase-i-capital Noun, Verb, etc. Not only is this terribly cheap and unoriginal, but it doesn’t stand the test of time. Apple has established itself as the one reputable seller of the “i-s,” meaning that other businesses who use some variation of this name don’t look reputable.  (Note: this is a very specific example, and  that’s not to say that fun with cases is not an option; sometimes, breaking cases mid-name is a good way of easing the read, and can make a great playful element for the appropriate business.)

s more to words than letters: Perhaps not in the proper English sense, but the addition of numerals, hyphens and punctuation marks can add an an extra sense of personality. Numbers can imply easiness or expedience in a phrase, while punctuations ask the consumer a question, or encourage enthusiasm.

These are just a few pointers for naming a successful business; you can share some of your own in the comments section!