Not to say the original Gap logo was good, but it was iconic and well-recognized. Here at Design the Planet, we are not surprised that Gap ventured off to a new logo because their classic logo was getting a bit stale. We never thought they’d come up with something so generic and off-the-wall. (Actually, according to a comment on Brand Channel, the logo is a ripoff of threadneedle’s logo.)

As a designer & marketer, I love seeing rebrands. Some are very successful and others are not so much. At least Gap listened to their fans and brand community via social media and public mockery on TV, radio & print. Some advertising experts say this may have been a stunt to get media attention. Just this morning, the Today Show on NBC mentioned the brand going back to the classic logo then immediately asked why that was considered news.

Do you have a favorite brand that did a great rebrand or maybe another brand horror story? Do tell.