I have been volunteering at the Audubon Zoo here in New Orleans the past few months. I work in the Education Department on the Discovery Walk where I hold animals and interact with visitors talking to them about the animals and letting them touch the animals. Most of the other volunteers on Discovery Walk are in the zoo’s youth program and in high school. In talking to one of the youth volunteers about what I did for living she became very excited. At 16, she is already creating digital art and designing with a Wacom Stylus Pen. We discussed programs & techniques that we have in common. I was impressed that she was already using many of the tools we use everyday to design and she understood the importance of art history and the need for an art background. My conversation with her and looking back at our high school intern last summer shows that the future of design is prevalent and possibly brighter than ever.

What design programs do you use? Include your grade/year or how many years you’ve been in the field.