When sitting down to eat at a dining establishment, you are immediately engulfed into the atmosphere of your surroundings. The menu is a key factor in your restaurant or bar experience. It is the major impression a restaurant makes on you when you are ordering food and/or beverages. It can, and should, influence you in your decision on what to order. I know you have seen a large variety of menus, from quick and greasy fast food to gold-leafed gourmet dining. Design of the menu can reflect the establishment’s price range. However, great design does not have to reflect expensive food. A menu needs to be intriguing. It needs to hold your customers’ attention and appreciation. It should be organized and easy to read through, because sometimes there are a lot of dishes crammed into what appears to be a small menu. This requires thinking outside of the box… sometimes literally. Explore our portfolio for samples of our world-class menu designs! Here is a small taste of our menu designs:

Here are some other great inspirational design examples for your enjoyment: