ABC – what does it mean? I don’t know. What about another one; MLO? Another clueless answer. CVS? Strike three

Why do companies name themselves three lettered acronyms? Maybe they do this to make graphic designers’ job harder or maybe it is to confuse consumers. Unless you have a brand that is a household name like IBM, don’t name your company after three letters, any three letters! If you must, try adding something descriptive like CVS Pharmacy. This help consumers understand your brand, your products, and services; you are a pharmacy. The more descriptive the name, the better name it is for others. A descriptive name helps your brand, your consumers and even your search engine rankings. “Logo Designers” would be a great name and everyone would know what that company does – logo design.

What if your company already has an established three-letter name? Shoot your CEO. (Bad joke, I know.) CBO would be better. Ever hear of a Chief Branding Officer? Yes, it is a real position just like CFO, CEO and COO. Confused yet? Now you get my point. If your company is established with a three-letter name, try developing a tagline or slogan that illustrates your service or products. Like BOB, your friendly brand marketing business.

In conclusion, give your customers a chance to know what you do before they get to know you and stay away from the acronyms. Your potential customers should not have to make a connection with you just to know what you do, that is putting the cart before the horse. Don’t even get me started on the 7-letter acronyms.