Is Designing Your Own Website A Good Idea?

Thanks to Pinterest and HGTV, everybody’s into DIY (Do-It-Yourself) these days. We think that’s fine if you learn how to make a wreath for your front door or even remodel the bathroom, but trying to build your own website may be a bad idea. We’ve all heard the adage, “The lawyer who represents himself has […]



The Real Sitemap

Yesterday I was working with the marketing director for one of our clients & partner companies, Touch Studios, to update and upgrade their website. As we were working on moving pages around she admitted that she was a visual person (which I think all marketing & design people are) and that she printed out every […]



Brother Martin High School New Website Goes Live!

Brother Martin High School is one of the leading all-boy Catholic schools in New Orleans. The school fosters development of its students with an emphasis on character, scholarship, and the soul through strong academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs. The new website replaces the past website developed in the 1990s and can be updated by numerous […]



A Glimpse Into the Future

The Saints have won the Super Bowl, but that is not the glimpse that I am referring to in this post. As part of the celebration, WWLTV.com posted headlines from newspapers & websites from around the world. Notice, I said headlines from websites. Of the 43 headlines, about one-third of them were from websites. This […]



Web Browser Jalopy

The web has come a long way in the past nine years.  Unfortunately, there are still a few people out there (17% of you) that seem to like the web how it was in 2001. This is unfortunate, because that 17% is missing out on a whole new world of interactivity, design aesthetics, functionality, speed, […]



Web Content Redoux

It’s that time of year! The Holidays are quickly approaching, and businesses need to get their customers’ attention in the most efficient way. So, smart entrepreneurs are refreshing their web content! PUSH THE REFRESH BUTTON!! Quick!! Do it before the “window” closes! Really, you can’t miss the end-of-the-year update event. Why you ask? Because, right now your customers […]