Google Hints at Speed Requirements

This past week, in an interview with Web Pro News, Matt Cutts from Google hinted that the load time of your page may become a factor in page ranking. Google hasn’t released all of the details, and they probably won’t (we still don’t know the exact algorithms Google uses to determine page rank – it’s […]



Importance & Deimportance of Meta Tags

First off, what are Meta Tags? Meta tags are lines of website code that help the search engines place your website into the correct categories. If you look at a website’s source code (Hit Apple + U in Firefox), you will generally see a few lines at the top labeled “meta” just after the title. […]



Why Blog

We recently wrote a post on our construction division’s blog, The Brand Constructors, that we thought you’d enjoy. It is about why you would want to blog. Check it out at:



A New Degree

I received a surprising email this morning from one of my web marketing newsletters with an ad for a new bachelors degree and masters degree for Internet marketing. Over the last decade, traditional graphic design programs at the universities have segmented separate courses and degrees for web design & media arts, but this is the […]



Some Say Twitter Isn’t Popular

Design the Planet recently joined the Twitter ranks and started Tweeting (adding text about what we’re doing). We have read articles and talked extensively about the benefits of the service and the lack of actual usefullness the website service offers. One thing is for sure, Twitter is popular and surging in the number of users […]



Web Content Redoux

It’s that time of year! The Holidays are quickly approaching, and businesses need to get their customers’ attention in the most efficient way. So, smart entrepreneurs are refreshing their web content! PUSH THE REFRESH BUTTON!! Quick!! Do it before the “window” closes! Really, you can’t miss the end-of-the-year update event. Why you ask? Because, right now your customers […]



If You Build “It” – “They” Will Come

We have spoken to clients over the years who have a great idea for a web site. I look them in the eye and say “Great! we can make it happen for you – Now lets discuss how we will market the site long term.” There is normally a pause on their part while that […]



There are No Blobs on Myface.

If you’re laughing, no I’m not kidding; I’ve been asked about this more than once. If you are scratching your head about what I’m talking about; just keep reading and we’ll discuss if you need a blog and how you can use the new web for your business. The web is an ever-evolving medium and […]