Local Advertising #FAIL

Local advertising is critical for B-to-C companies, but why do so many local companies tend to throw money away with their ads? You can immediately recognize a local commercial by the poor video and sound quality, but here is a list of other giveaways that label commercials as ‘local’ as well: No Plan – First […]



An Odd Wrap on Viral Marketing

You have probably heard of and most likely laughed at the TV commercials sweeping the nation about the “Snuggie” and maybe the “Slanket”. Both products are blankets with sleeves and everyone is talking about them from the morning radio shows to Jay Leno and SNL. YouTube has had over 670,000 hits for the commercial ( […]



A great BRAND ad.

Mastercard touched our hearts with a charming continuation of their Priceless ad campaign with a gathering of the brands we all grew up with from childhood. We see the Morton Salt Girl touch the Pillsbury Dough Boys tummy and the Vlasic Pickles Stork chomping on a pickle while the Jolly Green Giant looks in through […]